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Round Robin 2018!

The ROUND ROBIN is coming !

This tournament for the local teams in Montreal Roller Derby will solemnly open the 2018season in the city of Montreal! The tournament promises to be chock full of twists and action, and will be filled with you, excited sports fans, plus a great atmosphere and Beau’s beers!

On the night of February, 24th, the Round Robin will be composed of three games between the Contrabanditas, La Racaille and Les Filles du Roi, united underneath the high ceiling of the Taz. A taste of what you can discover throughout the season, the Round Robin will … >>>

Season pass is back!

This season, do not miss the opportunity to buy your VIP season pass and save 30 $ over the sum of all tickets in presale, and 85 $ over those sold at the doors!

It will give you ACCESS TO ALL OUR EVENTS!

At Taz skatepark:
February, 24th: Round Robin 2018
March, 31st: Les Filles du Roi v Les Contrabanditas
April, 14th: La Racaille v Les Filles du Roi

At St-Louis arena:
April, 27th, 28th & 29th: THE BEAST OF THE EAST 2018
May, 12th: Les Contrabanditas v La Racaille
May, 26th: Les Filles du Roi v Les Contrabanditas
June, … >>>

Everything playoffs is right here

The games, the results, find everything on the WFTDA website, and get ready for the finals!

 … >>>

Last game of the season, August 12th

Montréal roller derby season is coming to an end, and it’s happening august 12th!

Come watch the final of the championship, opposing the two local teams with the most win of the season. This year, the Contrabanditas – not one game lost this season- will meet Racaille, winner of the 2017 Beast of the East tournament.

And because MTLRD loves derby and its public so much, we offer you another game the very same night: Smash Squad, the team of new recruits and people not yet drafted in teams – stars of tomorrow- versus Bytown Blackhearts from … >>>