Love that Beast!


La Racaille Vs Les Filles du Roi

We know that you just can’t get enough derby in your life, so never fear! We have ANOTHER double header this Saturday!

The night will start off with the Montréal Roller Derby Masculin home teams facing off against each other! Never seen a men’s game? Now is your chance!

Then, Les Filles du Roi will take on La Racaille. Will FDR be able to finally defeat La Racaille for the first time this season? Be there Saturday to find out!


Doors: 5:00pm
First whistle: 6:00pm

Adults: 10$ (+ service fees) online, 15$ … >>>


Double Header: Sexpos Vs Tampa and Skids vs Tampa

It’s finally getting hot out in Montreal, and Florida is going to be bringing even more heat as the two travel teams from Tampa Bay face off againstMontreal Sexpos and Montreal New Skids On The Block Roller Derby!

That’s right, once again you get two games for the price of one! The Sexpos will face off against Tampa’s B team, The Bruise Crew, starting at 6pm and then it will be time for the New Skids on the Block to show us what they’ve got against the Tantrums! This is one of the few chances you’ll get to … >>>

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière

Featured Skater : Slaughtermelon Crawl

After the Smash Squad’s victory this weekend against the Hammer City Roller Girls Fresh Meat, Montreal introduce you SLAUGHTERMELON CRAWL! She plays on four differents teams across the province and even Ontario!

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière

DERBY NAME: Slaughtermelon Crawl

REAL NAME: Ellen Diabo Alfred


TEAM: The Smash Squad, The Wagon Burners, The Power Dames, and Les Bûches


Playing since: 3 years

What is your sport background?: I played basketball, soccer, flat water kayaking, and dragon boating.

Your most important gear is…?: Probably my helmet – I’ve fallen enough times and hit my head; … >>>


May 21th – Double Header

We will start the evening with the first game of the season for the Montreal Smash Squad. Come cheer on our rookies as they play against Hamilton’s Hammer City Roller Girls!

After that, La Racaille will go up against Les Contrabanditas for the first time of the MTLRD local season. Will the Ditas be able to stop the winning streak of La Racaille and, while doing so, take their revenge for the game that eliminated them from the Beast of The East tournament?


Doors: 5:00pm
First whistle: 6:00pm

Adults: 10$ (+ service fees) … >>>