Final: Slaughter Daughters vs Vicious Dishes
Beast of the East 2012 may be over, but the wild weekend is still fresh in the minds of derby girls and spectators who flocked to Montreal for some of the best home team derby Canada has to offer. The annual tournament was in its fifth year and it was, more than ever, a resounding success!
This year, all the teams vying for the Beast title came from Eastern Canada. We even had to draw for some of the 16 available team spots from the 23 teams that applied. Rideau Valley’s Slaughter Daughters, the … >>>

Montréal, April 20th 2012 – Montreal’s own New Skids on the Block faced the Queen City Roller Girls’ Lake Effect Furies for the Beast of the East opening game last Friday night. Last season, the Skids hosted the Buffalo team in a semi-private game at Le Taz. The neon clad Montrealers dominated throughout the game, taking the win 302-24. After a year on the road, the Skids were back in the Arena St-Louis in a rare home game event against the Furies. The bout began with a very strong start for the Skids whose defense held up the Buffalo jammers … >>>

With the departure of star players Jess Bandit, Lady J, Lil Mama, Rae Volver and Smack Daddy to the Skids, 2011 was, for the Filles du Roi, a transition year.  The team, made up primarily of new players, fought their way to an incredible comeback over the course of the season, culminating in a solid performance against the Contrebanditas in the championship.

Now, under the watchful eyes of King Daddy (World MVP 2012) and Queen Bandit (Captain of the Skids and Team Canada), the team plans to continue its ascension this year.  To replenish the team’s arsenal, the women in


The Contrabanditas, the 2011 undefeated Montreal Roller Derby champions, are ready to roll into another season of hard-hitting derby action!
These dangerous dames in red and black will play for the Beast of the East title on April 21 & 22, host the Derby Debutantes from GTA Rollergirls on June 9th at Arena St-Louis and start the regular season with a match against the Filles Du Roi May 22th at Le Taz.
This season, the Contrabanditas said goodbye to Karla Schnikov, MiniFée, Raging Whore Moans, Hustle Rose (now playing for Vancouver’s Terminal City All-Stars) and Mange Moi El Cul, who … >>>

The 2011 season was a tumultuous one for La Racaille. After the departure of the Racaille New Skids (among them Bone Machine and Iron Wench), the team had its biggest influx of rookies in its history, a draft which included Skid alternate Mel E. Juana and current co-captain and Skid Greta Bobo.

After the injury of star jammer Wrath Poutine and the retirement of founding members Izzy Skellington, Ann Mad, Beals on Wheels and veteran player Squarrior, La Racaille had to play their last bout of the season with a crew of nine. They may have lost the game but


On April 21st and 22nd, MTLRD will host the 5th annual “Beast of the East” tournament. Sixteen teams will compete against each other to take home the top honour. Only home teams are invited to participate, not “all-star” or other travelling teams, and this year every team comes from Eastern Canada. The goal of the tournament, organized by MTLRD since 2008, is to promote roller derby in Canada. Judging by the tournament’s popularity, the league has met its goal!

In fact, 23 teams have applied for the 16 available spots, a new record. We have proceeded in the fairest way


Montreal Roller Derby is proud to announce the launch of the new Montreal Sexpos’ team page and to introduce its new players.
MTLRD’s B- travel team is heading for New York state this weekend to take on the Long Island Roller Rebels on Saturday night and the Wall Street Traitors of Gotham Girls Roller Derby on Sunday morning (you can watch this game here :
They will then host the Central New York All-Stars on May 5th, and the Suffer Jets from Ithaca on May 26th, a rematch of last season’s nail biting bout that saw the Sexpos … >>>