Bout review: New Skids On The Block vs Boston Massacre

Les Filles du Roi vs Les Contrabanditas

Second match of the regular calendar: June first at l’Aréna St-Louis!

A game of roller derby is the guarantee of a good time; where sporting prowess, electric atmosphere and Beau’s beers are fast flowing!

FDR will meet Les Contrabanditas. The game is not yet won and given the recent performances of both teams at the Beast of the East, the show promises to be an amazing spectacle!

Whether you’re with La Racaille, Les Filles du Roi, or just curious to discover the sport, we promise that you will be entertained and enthralled!

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Are you ready for the return of the Beast?



Finally, the time has come for the return of the most savage tournament in town! The 12th edition of the Beast of the East is gonna happen during the weekend of April 26, 27 and 28!


16 teams from Quebec, Ontario and the New York state will ferociously fight at Aréna Saint-Louis. Each team will have to face an assigned rival during a 20 minutes game. Sunday night, only two teams will be left standing and they will fight for a final amazing game! So get ready, craft the nicest sign in >>>

At the Round Robin, a lot of fun and a lot of learning for the home teams

( front pic by Emi BK)

The Round Robin 2019 is over and there were a few surprises in bank for the spectators at the Taz, last Saturday. The Filles du Roi (FDR) won both their games in a commanding fashion while the Racailles and Contrabanditas match-up resulted in a closer game ultimately won by the green and silver team.

“The team definitively started the season strong”, commented Papercut, one of the FDR coaches.

The team won the first game 99 to 43 against la Racaille and broke the 100 points mark for their second one against the Ditas, the >>>

Round Robin 2019!!

 2019 season can officially begin!


The Round Robin, mythical tournament of the Montreal Roller Derby league, where our home teams will fight against each other, is coming to the TAZ on March 16th for a night you will remember!


3 matches of 30 minutes each will be presented, where we will have the chance to see Les Contrabanditas, La Racailles and Les Filles du Roi compete! This first tournament of the year will be a nice preview of what is waiting for you for the whole season, starting with « The Beast of the East 2019 », « >>>