At the Round Robin, a lot of fun and a lot of learning for the home teams

March 21, 2019
( front pic by Emi BK) The Round Robin 2019 is over and there were a few surprises in bank for the spectators at the Taz, last Saturday. The Filles du Roi (FDR) won both their games in a commanding fashion while the Racailles and Contrabanditas match-up resulted in a closer game ultimately won by the green and silver team. “The team definitively started the season strong”, commented Papercut, one of the FDR coaches. The team won the first game 99 to 43 against la Racaille and broke the 100 points mark for their second one against the Ditas, the final score being 130 to 37. (c) Alice Beaubien Papercut underlined the necessity to keep working and improving. “We can’t control the outcome of the games, so we’re gonna have to really come through.” While La Racaille lost their first game against FDR, they rebounded in their second game, against the Ditas, to come out with the win 84 to 68. Racailles’ coaches Vi King Size and Elektron both praised their skaters calm, cohesion and teamwork both on and off the track. “I felt useless sometimes, which is a good thing!”, noted Vi King Size. (c) Julien Alday The Contrabanditas, who have been the league’s champion for the last three years, had a more difficult time on the track, losing both their game. Nevertheless, their coaches were very proud of what the team had accomplished. “A lot of our new players are coming from the bootcamp or Smash Squad and to be at their first Round Robin and be able to hold their own against those teams, it’s pretty cool”, explained Buddy Oli, a coach for the Ditas. An abundance of new faces on the track With the Sexpos taking their core players off the home teams this year, there were a lot of new players drafted. Both the Ditas and the Racaille brought in nine recruits, while FDR drafted five players. While some of them were transfers from other leagues, for a lot of the drafted skaters, the Round Robin is where they played their first ever game of roller derby. For the Ditas, it means that one of the goal, this season, is putting everyone on the same level. “We have veterans who have been playing for 8-9 years and we have people who have been playing for 3-4 months”, added Buddy Oli. The next step for those teams will be the Beast of the East, our annual tournament for home teams, from April 26th to 28th. (c) Emi BK Written by Laurence