Beast Of The East

The Beast of The East is an annual tournament organized by Montréal Roller Derby since 2008. Only team coming from the east region can participate. Each end of April, 16 teams play each others during 20 minutes games.

This year, the 11th edition of the Beast of the East is being held in Montreal, Canada on April 27th to 29th.

For more information, visite: https://beast.mtlrd.com/home

Beast of The East History

Here is the list of each tournament winners:

2008: Hammer City Harlots (Hammer City Roller Girls)

2009: La Racaille (Montréal Roller Derby)

2010: Les Filles du Roi (Montréal Roller Derby)

2011: Slaughter Daughters (Rideau Valley Roller Girls)

2012: Vicious Dishes (Tri-City Roller Girls)

2013: Slaughter Daughters (Rideau Valley Roller Girls)

2014: Gore-Gore Rollergirls (Toronto Roller Derby)

2015: Les Casse-Gueules (Roller Derby Québec)


Winners of the Beast of The East 2015: Les Casse-Gueules (Roller Derby Québec). Crédit photo: Charlotte Lacoursiere


2016: La Racaille  (Montréal Roller Derby)

Winners of the Beast of the East 2016, La Racaille de Montréal Roller Derby.  Photo Crédit: Charlotte Lacoursiere.


2017: La Racaille  (Montréal Roller Derby)

2018: Les Contrabanditas (Montréal Roller Derby)