Bout review: New Skids On The Block vs Boston Massacre

April 4, 2013

(crédit photos: David Andrew Morris)

(17) Montreal Skids Past (20) Boston, 188-117 WILMINGTON, MA– DNN #21 Boston started out as big sisters to DNN #17 Montreal as the Canadians made their way into WFTDA in 2007, and that sibling rivalry has remained even though the New Skids have been on top since 2011. This time out Montreal kept their winning streak safe, and took the bout 188-117. The newest additions to the rosters include Ohi of Les Sexpos as well as the return of Ewan Wotarmy and Apocalipstick as the new coaches for the Skids. Coming in for Boston is Crazy Dukes–previously best known from her time skating for Providence–and LCD who returns to the Massacre roster after a year off. Dukes didn’t have to wait long for her Massacre debut: she was first out with the star for Boston, jamming against Iron Wench. The Team Canada skater managed to grab lead after a small kerfuffle in the pack and when Duke was boxed on a track cut call, Wench put up 20 unanswered points as Boston filled their half of the box before calling it with Dukes standing. That meant Georgia W. Tush started unopposed–but Dukes quickly grabbed lead coming out of the box to put Boston’s first two points on the board. Greta Bobo forced a track cut on Massacre jammer Space Invader to give Montreal another powerjam early in the period. This time Boston’s defence held their ground and halved the damage, limiting Bobo to 10. Lil’ Paine showed some fancy footwork as she tried to keep Boston in touch as Georgia W. Tush was held in the Massacre pack. A back block call ended that surge though. Lil’ Mama then donned the jammer panty and showed the world that the bulldozer is back with help from blockers Bone Machine and Cheese Grater as she pushed the Montreal lead to 77-20 with 15 minutes gone. The next few jams saw Montreal and Boston trading penalties as Montreal edged ahead as Boston’s jammers struggled with the defensive nature of the packs. Iron Wench did take a box trip with the star before the half was out, but Montreal’s defence kept things tight and made sure the lead was maintained. That made it 101-44 at the half. Blockers Anna Wreckysa, Shark Week and Vixen TaHitCha stood out in the first half for the Massacre, showing impressive speed when switching from offense to defense. For Montreal it was all about pack speed control: veterans Jess Bandit, Smack Daddy and Surgical Strike held the pack to a crawl at points as they dictated the pace. The first few minutes of the second half were really tight defensively, and the game was dominated by close teamwork and co-ordinated play from both sides keeping walls and the scorelines very tight indeed. For the first seven minutes 0-0 jams were punctuated by no more than a couple of points either side. This run was ended when Bobo and Dukes fought each other on the jammer line, and Bobo came off the better. The Montreal jammer got by on the inside, while Dukes only managed to get the attention of the referee crew, and was boxed on a forearm call for the second period’s first powerjam. Bobo quickly called the jam so the New Skids could put Iron Wench out unopposed but Boston held their own only allowing her to score a few points. Once again Dukes charged out of the box to steal points, grabbing three before the jam expired. That kick-started the action in the half with both teams upping the offense while maintaining that strong defense as they looked for a breakthrough. Strong blocking from Montreal’s Mel E. Juana sent Ginger Kid to the box in what might have been a fatal blow for the Massacre–but Lil’ Mama quickly followed with the star as she cut her way straight to the box before Montreal could capitalize on another powerjam. Lil Paine then did find the breakthrough Boston had been looking for as the clock ticked down. As the crowd roared “Bring the Paine,” she lined up unopposed and a huge 20-0 jam brought Boston to 110-153 with 3 minutes left. With the momentum in their favor–and chants of ‘Pinch, Pinch, Pinch’ ringing around Shriners–Boston kept the pack fast as Dukes and Wench duked it out. Unfortunately for the Massacre another track cut sent Dukes, letting Wench kill the pack speed and the clock. Lil Mama took the star in the final jam, and an unopposed lead call let her make the game safe for the New Skids at 188-117. Montreal are next in WFTDA sanctioned action against DNN #6 Windy City on March 30, while Boston face DNN #11 Charm City on April 13. Recap provided by The Rev (Montreal) and Dottie Danger (Boston) for DNN.   skids-boston-2013-2 skids-boston-2013-3 skids-boston-2013-4 skids-boston-2013-8-5