Featured Skater : Slaughtermelon Crawl

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière
May 23, 2016

After the Smash Squad’s victory this weekend against the Hammer City Roller Girls Fresh Meat, Montreal introduce you SLAUGHTERMELON CRAWL! She plays on four differents teams across the province and even Ontario!

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière

crédit : Charlotte Lacoursière

DERBY NAME: Slaughtermelon Crawl

REAL NAME: Ellen Diabo Alfred


TEAM: The Smash Squad, The Wagon Burners, The Power Dames, and Les Bûches


Playing since: 3 years

What is your sport background?: I played basketball, soccer, flat water kayaking, and dragon boating.

Your most important gear is…?: Probably my helmet – I’ve fallen enough times and hit my head; my helmet has saved my brains.

Your signature move: I don’t really have a signature move, although my teammates say I hit hard.

The hardest thing you learnt in derby: Learning how to fall – and get back up. Once you learn how to fall, you get over the fear.

Your personal motto: Get low, get ready

What brought you to derby?: A friend who played for the Wagon Burners introduced me to the sport. When I first started learning to skate, I thought I’d be a referee but I quickly realized I wanted to be a skater. I played my first game three months later.

Your inspiration?: Since I’m older than most of the other skaters, I tell myself I’ve got to keep up or be better.

Your aspiration?: To keep playing derby as long as I can.

One thing you want to say to the derby community?: Always have fun – during a game, during a practice. Be competitive but keep the fun.

Missy Me’s-on Track talks about her teammate:

Your best moment with her: We have had many good moments since we play together well, especially when it comes to forming walls against a jammer, or when we go up against each other as a opposing players. That being said, a more recent memorable moment was when she left me small gift – that of a detailed skate-wheel on my derrière during a recent scrimmage. ;)

Describe her in one word: Laid-back

What have you learned from her?: To be calm and focused when it comes to blocking.

A fun fact: She has a cool watermelon painted helmet that she brings out on special occasions, such as, for games.