Founded in 2006 by Georgia W. Tush, Montréal Roller Derby (MTLRD) is the very first « Flat track » Roller Derby league in Canada. Today, MTLRD comprises three home teams, one recrutes’ team, and two travel teams.

MTLRD is well-known as a non-profit organization, the result of the labour of its members who all contribute as volunteers. At the heart of the league are the players, the referees, the coaches, the announcers and the volunteers. The golden rule is simple – « for the players, by the players ». Proceeds from local games, be it from sales of tickets, merchandise or drinks, as well as proceeds from special events, are all put towards the organization of future games, rental of training space, and funding of away games.

In January 2009, MTLRD joined the « Women’s Flat Track Derby Association » (WFTDA), becoming the first non-American league in the association. The WFTDA, also a non-profit organization, currently counts 430 member leagues (and 39 apprentice leagues) from countries in North America, South America and Asia (Japan), as well as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


In the beginning, in 2006, there was Les Contrabanditas. This red and black team, which included the league founder, spits fire and blood on their adversaries. Les Contrabanditas, or the « Ditas » to its fans, won the championships for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Hold on to your tuques, because the fire which burns in them has been covered for too long, their revenge will be as intense and spectacular as their image warrants!

Next, there was Les Filles du Roi. Founded also in 2006, this band of girls draped in purple and gold bedazzle their fans and shake the walls of the arena with their violent chanting cries : « FDR! FDR! FDR! FDR! ». Champions in 2007 and 2010, and not to forget the 2009 season, during which they were undefeated at home, the FDR returns in force and burns brightly again in purple and gold!

Finally, there was La Racaille. This group of rebels was formed in March 2007. Donning green and silver, they wreaked havoc in Montréal and took the championships in 2008. Wild and brutal, they fought their way back to a remarkable return with victories in the championships of 2013 and 2014. Now sitting comfortably on the champion’s throne, they’re the ones with a price on their heads!

Our recruits evolve within the Smash Squat to perfect their skills before joining a local or travel teams.

We must surely not forget to mention the two « All Stars » teams of the league : the Sexpos of Montréal and the New Skids On The Block. These two travel teams represent Montréal Roller Derby at the international level.

Firstly, there is the Sexpos, the B team, comprising a mix of players from the three home teams. Even though they might be the worst enemies of the city just a few minutes ago, once they put on their Sexpos uniforms, they bury their hatchets and become a formidable and sensational team. And this is how the blue, white and red of MTLRD win their victories. Attention, the Sexpos of Montréal machine is rolling and striking.

And to finish strongly, there is the New Skids On The Block, the A team. Internationally reknowned and talented athletes, the NSOTB proudly represents Montréal all across the world. In September 2010, they became the first team outside of the United States to have played in a WFTDA elimination series. Since then, their glory has remained untarnished. The team includes players that wore the colours of Canada and France during the recent Roller Derby World Cup in Texas. Thanks to them, neon sparkles brightly as ever in Montréal. Thank you NSOTB!