La Racaille


Montreal Roller Derby’s La Racaille is a gang of shit-disturbing street punks on wheels. Raised on the wrong side of the tracks, they banded together to terrorize the town, wreak havoc in back alleyways, and FIGHT THE POWER. Theyíve been through hell and back, greasing their wheels with toxic chemicals, strapping scrap tires 

to their skates for protection against needles and broken glass, and brandishing lead pipes and a booty block for anyone who gets in their way. ?They are untamed, sexy, street-wise chicks, faster than lightning and itching to kick some ass. Beware!

                                        (photos crédit: Emilie Roberts & Marie Dauverné)

racaille_banan_thumb Banana Havoc

racaille_codev_thumb Code V

racaille_panda_thumb Cock Out 

racaille_criss_thumb Criss D. Crowbar

racaille_falcon_thumb Falcon Punch

racaille_panda_thumb GameBoi

racaille_ginny_thumb Ginny Neutron

racaille_hari_thumb Hari Kiri

racaille_irish_thumb Irish Sprint

racaille_kdawg_thumb K-Dawg

racaille_latoast_thumb La Toast

racaille_legs_thumb Legs//Cité

racaille_liz_thumb Lyzbeth

racaille_nameless_thumb Nameless Whorror

racaille_pix_thumb No Pix Plz

racaille_toulouse_thumb Nothing Toulouse

racaille_russian_thumb Russian Cruelette

racaille_sneaky_thumb Sneaky  Devil

racaille_sunny_thumb Sunny Gonzalez

racaille_volt_thumb Volt Face

racaille_coacht_thumb Coach Tailor

racaille_ladyj_thumb Lady J

racaille_bobo_thumb Greta Bobo

racaille_homer_thumb Homer Jency

racaille_scarletblood_thumb Scarlet Blood-Letter