Les Filles du Roi


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, young and old! Get ready to be dazzled! We have for you the crème de la crème of the fiercest creatures- never seen before in this world! There is no faking. What you see is really out of nature, just like you. We caught some of them in taverns, others in distant lands not charted on any map. Some have taken refuge here because they were considered unbelievable

monstrosities. You are about to undertake a mystical, transcendent experience! It is with great honour that we present to you a unique family, the sight of which will curl the hair on your legs! Here are the beautiful, amazing and frightening les Filles du Roi!

 (photos credit: Charlotte Jacoursiere, Josianne Turcotte & Paula Youwakim)

alktraz-fdr-2014-th Al K. Traz

ashhol-fdr-2014-th Ash Hol


blayz-fdr-2014-th BLAYZ

camionnette-fdr-2014-th Camionnette

crackerjass-fdr-2014-th Cracker Jass

falafel-fdr-2014-th Falafel la Gazelle

gonnateachher-fdr-2014-th Gonna Teach Her

kaboom-fdr-2014-th Kaboom!

laurider-fdr-2014-th Lau-Rider

littletricky-fdr-2014-th Little Tricky

lobstar-fdr-2014-th Lobstar

 Magnum PEI

mojojojo-fdr-2014-th Mojo Jojo

panzerette-fdr-2014-th Panzerette

ptitepouliche-fdr-2014-th P’tite Pouliche

 Race Kelly

sugarshane-fdr-2014-th Sugar Shane

tabarnouk-fdr-2014-th Tabarnouk!

thatswhatshesaid-fdr-2014-th That’s What She Said

surgicalstrike-fdr-2014-th Surgical Strike

tank-fdr-2014-th Tank

 Gabe Astard