New season!

February 15, 2017

Now that the season 2017 is just about to start, here’s a little review of what awaits you this year!

Our annual bootcamp was again a success! No less than 47 people came out to learn how to play Roller Derby at the beginning of September, but the tests and the events of life made that only 30 of them officially joined the league at the end of November.

Bootcamp saison 2017

Among the new recruits, we have the pleasure to find back our familiar and favorite faces of the Montreal public like Mel e Juana and Greta Bobo. We also welcomed several transfers like Thelma Track from London Rollergirls and Purr Evil from RGVG.

The new season also marks the end of the career of many players, including big names in the league such as Jess Bandit, Trash N’ Smash and Lady J, who have been thrilling audiences for 10 years.

Find the names and photos of all the players who have retired this year on our Facebook album.

The roster 2017 of all the teams will be posted soon on our website, stay on the lookout!

You will also be able to see the players of our local teams in action during the great evening of Round Robin on March 11th at Taz Skatepark.

Thank you for following us again this year and see you around the track!