Preview: New Skids On The Block vs Tri-City Thunder

February 9, 2013
Despite the cold wave hitting the city, Montreal’s hottest team on the block is getting ready to turn up the heat. On February 15th at the Taz, the New Skids on the Block, holding the 5th rank in the WFTDA East Division, will welcome Tri-City Thunder for their first game of the season. We talked to the Skids’ new coach, former Skids and Ditas player, Ewan Wotarmy, in order to know what to expect (apart from amazingness on wheels, of course) on that big night.How is the transition into coaching going? Tell us a bit about your background as a player and coach? I think it’s going well. I played with the Skids for three years and the Ditas for two. I captained for the Ditas both years that I played with them. I can’t say that I have a ton of experience as a coach, although Apocalipstik, our assistant coach certainly does, as she has trained figure skaters for years. I’m approaching this experience as a teacher, which is what I do for a living. We are trying to be systematic in our approach to training as per various aspects of the game, and we are working with our players to set goals and give them regular feedback to help them accomplish those goals. What are your goals for the season? We want to improve our focus, increase our adaptability on the track, decrease the amount of time spent in the box and make it to Championships. How do you feel about the first game of the season? I’m very excited about it. This will be our first sanctioned game with the new rule set, which I believe will open up new plays and tactics in the game, which is always exciting. Have the Skids met up with Tri-City Thunder before? How did it go? The last time I recall meeting up with Tri-City Thunder was in 2011 at Quad City Chaos. The final score was 256-52 for the Skids. That was a long time ago now, and the sport has grown in leaps and bounds. At the time the Skids had the advantage of being the first Canadian team to play (and consequently learn from) top-tier American teams. Tri-City has been part of the WFTDA for a few years now and has played in many more competitive bouts. Two of your main jammers (Apocalipstick and Ti-Loup) recently retired and The Honey Badger is now injured. How does this affect your jamming strategy? We’re blessed with a number of players who are double or even triple threats – Lil Mama is a terrific jammer, for example. Georgia W. Tush also has years of jamming experience on the team. We also have some newer players, such as Mel E. Juana who are training to jam. I feel that every year, as rosters change, teams discover talent they had all along. Moreover, we do have some players who were not available for much of last year, such as Iron Wench and Greta Bobo, who are in full form and ready to jam for the team. Given that both Apocalipstik (former Skids and Filles du Roi player) and I largely jammed as players, we are naturally going to spend some time working on jammer specific training, in addition to just getting the whole team more powerful and fluid on their skates. Apocalipstik has them all doing some great foundational drills right now, as well as some that really push their comfort level. How is the team training for the season? Intensely. The Skids are very excited for the season and are all working very hard towards their own personal goals and team goals. Come and cheer for the Skids at the Taz (8931, rue Papineau, Montreal), on February 15th at 6 p.m. Online sale is now closed but tickets will be available at door.