Smash Squad


This is where you find the rookies of Montréal Roller Derby. Those skaters have survived our three-month boot camp, mandatory for all new players, but have not yet been placed on a home team. Like all players, they train hard and have an exceptional coaching staff: El Kaboom!, Ash Hol, Hooligal and La Toast.

                                                      (crédit photos: Chloe Lang-Willar)

angry-teddy-smash-squad-2014-th.jpg Angry Teddy

Boomer-smash-squad-2014-th Boomer

conasse-la-barbare-smash-squad-2014-th Conasse la Barbare

Fann’ystérie-smash-squad-2014-th Fann’ystérie

banguerang_smash_squad_th_2012 Imma Pyro

la-grande-noirceur-smash-squad-2014-th La Grande Noirceur

banguerang_smash_squad_th_2012 Missy Me’s-on Track

Puerto-Freakin’-smash-squad-2014-th Puerto Freakin’

banguerang_smash_squad_th_2012 Waxey McBush

El-Kaboom-smash-squad-2014-th El Kaboom!

Ash-Holl-smash-squad-2014-th Ash Hol

Hooligal-smash-squad-2014-th Hooligal

La-Toast-smash-squad-2014-th La Toast