Dolly Rogers 183 - 118 Montréal Sexpos

February 20, 2016 - 7:00 pm at Aréna Jean Marc Lalonde - Rockland, ON

About the Dolly Rogers
The WFTDA member Dolly Rogers are Capital City Derby Dolls’ first and official travel team. They had their inaugural season in 2011 and finished the year ranked 12th, which is quite an accomplishment for a first-year team. They cracked the canadian top 10 in 2015 by finishing 9th overall. Known for delivering the most punishing hits and for bringing a level of play to a second half that borders on superhuman, the Dolly Rogers have taken the derby world by storm and they’re just getting started.

Sexpos MVPs:
Jammer : Falafel La Gazelle
Blocker: Magnum PEI