New Skids on the Block 258 - 175 Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars

May 1, 2015 - 6:30 pm at The Big O (Eugene, OR)

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« Later in the afternoon on Track 2, Helsinki played another game against Montreal, and MIA got Helsinki on the board first while her blockers’ strong defense held Montreal’s jammer back. After two jams, Montreal took the lead and then control of the game while they held back Helsinki’s jammer for multiple passes.

It wasn’t until ten minutes into the first half this time that Helsinki gave up their first power jam, but their defense held strong and only allowed the New Skids 5 points. A few jams later, Montreal returned the favor, and Helsinki was able to get multiple scoring passes for 19 points before they sent their jammer back to the box. Immediately following her was Montreal’s jammer however, creating a jammerless start to the next jam.

As in the previous game, Helsinki gave up many power jams, but they also picked up a 19-point jam later as Taru Saxelin flew around the outside line, untouched for multiple grand slams. This, along with a well executed power jam of their own, let Helsinki cut Montreal’s lead to 99-71. That effort was responded to with a 25-point jam by Montreal, ending the half with the Canadians on top, 124-71.


Photo by Donalee Eiri – Photography by D.E.sign

Helsinki started strong in the second half, earning lead but could not pick up points as an aggressive jammer on jammer play by Montreal forced a call off. Helsinki put up a tough fight, but a combination of jammer penalties and a lack of coordinated offense contributed to Montreal’s success on the track.

With 17 minutes left in the game, Maria scored 23 points to bring the score to 159-130, and Taru cut the deficit even further in the next jam. Following that, Helsinki won an official review that requested a back block be assessed to Montreal’s jammer, which gave MIA a power start.  After that was all said and done, the score stood 159-148, with Montreal hanging onto the lead by 11 points.

Helsinki’s momentum was growing strong, but despite 4-2 pack advantage, Miracle Whips was able to pick up lead for Montreal. She was not able to call it of in time however, before Helsinki could score 3 points, but a cut on MIA opened things up for Montreal to regain the momentum once more.

Mel E Juana was sent to the box, which left Taru on a power jam, but the advantage did not last as Taru went to the box on a cut. Late in the game, MIA was having a brutal jam and Miracle Whips took advantage. She scored 20 points while MIA passed the star successfully, but a back block penalty sent Helsinki’s new jammer to the box.

Despite Helsinki’s rally in the second half, and getting as close as 7 points, Montreal pulled away in the last quarter of game, winning 258-175. »