New Skids on the Block 177 - 182 Terminal City (Vancouver)

May 2, 2015 - 8:30 pm at The Big O (Eugene, OR)

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« Terminal City has been on a gentle rankings ascent recently, while Montreal’s collective years of derby experience has diminished with the retirement of several long time skaters.  Last time, Montreal took this Canadian rivarly by 22 points, but Terminal started this meeting strong, holding the New Skids scoreless until the 4th jam, and then confirming their lead to 56-13 by the end of the first quarter. Terminal seemed to be nailing down their lead, but then Montreal pulled out all the stops, and the score gap narrowed rapidly in the final ten mins of the half, ending it at 88-79.

A tentative restart to the second half saw an unexpected pivot line grab by Terminal, and a back block drawn on Maiden Sane for Montreal seemed to validate it quickly. With just under 8 mins into the half, an official review from Terminal punctuated a tense 98-point tie that didn’t stop Montreal’s climb. They hit the final quarter with a 137-116 lead, thanks in major part to jammer Mel E Juana’s contributions, which got overturned by a rapid Terminal recovery, leading to their 5-point win. »