East Coast Derby Extravaganza!

East Coast Derby Extravaganza!

Our one and only New Skids on the Block where on the roll in Philadelphia !

Results are in:

#13 Montreal vs #24 Philly: 174-150
#13 Montreal vs #46 Rocky Mtn 304-80
#13 Montreal vs #40 Madison (Reg): 253-124

Go see some pictures (like…900 of them) on the facebook page of David Dyte :)

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Funny, sexy or downright creepy…

The pictures from the Skids + Sexpos Photobooth are released!!! Enjoy the madness, tag yourself and your friends, and thanks to everyone that contributed to this fundraiser that is helping MTLRD travel teams to go shine out of Montreal.

Photos by: Éléonore Delvaux-Beaudoin and Rosalie Turcotte Montreal New Skids On The Block Roller Derby Montreal Sexpos Lake Effect Furies Subzero Sirens- June 3rd 2017.

Hide your kids, Hide your wives! Because the photos from the


La Racaille vs Les Contrabanditas – June 17


My first won the 2016 championships but lost in the 2017 Beast of the East finals by a mere two points.
My second lost the 2016 championships but came first at 2017 Beast of the East, winning by a mere two points.
My whole is a night full of action, taking place June 17th at Saint-Louis arena.

You guessed correctly! Les Contrabanditas will be taking on La Racaille on June 17th, in a qualifying bout for the 2017 Championships!

A night of action and fun guaranteed! Both teams are hungry for this victory, and vying for a … >>>

Montreal Roller Derby vs Queen City Roller Girls


It’s finally getting hot out in Montreal, and is going to be even hotter at the Saint-Louis Arena on Saturday, June 3rd while the two travel teams from Queen City Roller Girls (Buffalo, USA) will face off against the Sexpos and the New Skids On The Block from Montreal Roller Derby!

That’s right, once again you get 2 games for the price of 1! The Sexpos will face off against Queen City’s B team, the Subzero Sirens, starting at 6pm and then it will be time for the New Skids on the … >>>