Wonderbrat – Montréal Sexpos



# V8


Position: Badass blocker/ Neck-breaking jammer

Bio: This feisty little delinquent was snatched up from a mean streets orphanage where she had been abandoned with only a baseball bat and a beat-up pair of skates. After realizing she was far too disobedient to play baseball with the other kids, she was left in the care of Montreal Roller Derby, where the good sisters hoped she could be whipped into shape. No such luck. With the prying eyes of her pious guardians gone, this reckless ankle biter discovered her superpowers and now unleashes them on anyone who dares to get in her way.

Height: 5′ 4″ (after recent growth spurt)

Catchphrase: “Catch me if you can!””

Likes: kittens, denim, glitter, slingshots

Dislikes: animal cruelty, electric fences, court-appointed guardians