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Mark your Calendars and Stay tuned for more info about the RAD New Skids New Skillz 2019 Bootcamp! April 6-7

Volunteers wanted!

February 3, 2019

Hey Montreal Roller Derby  fans! Would you like to get involved in the league and help us improve roller derby events? Do you have some free time? Montreal Roller Derby needs YOU. We are looking for dedicated and reliable volunteers to participate in bouts and tournaments! For more information, email volunteering@mtlrd.com !

Champ 2018!

Come celebrate with us the end of Montreal Roller Derby’s 2018 season! Saturday, August 11th, the most victorious teams of the season will face each other for a breathtaking finale ! This year, the two concurring teams will be La Racaille  and Les Contrabanditas . To open for this game, our Smash Squad will defy our Smash Squad . Newly arrived at the

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Montréal Roller Derby : Bootcamp 2018

Want to start Roller Derby!? Everyone is welcome! * Beginning August 26th, the Montreal Roller Derby bootcamp will begin, in partnership with Montréal Roller Derby Masculin! No need to have roller derby or skating experience, you’ll be taught how to stand on your skates, to fall without hurting yourself, to get up quickly and without using your hands,

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