Featured skater: Falcon Punch

April 2, 2013
Few skaters turned heads last season like Falcon Punch. Although last year was her first season, her natural agility impressed many. Montreal Roller Derby is thrilled to learn more about its new darling, to find out what makes her tick. Without any further ado…   Name: Falcon Punch Number: 66 Team(s): La Racaille and Montréal Sexpos Position: jammer Gear: Triple 8 helmet and wrist guards, Scabs knee pads, 187 Killer elbow pads, Antics AR1 skates, Revenge plates and semi-exterior wheels. Why the name? The ‘Falcon Punch’ is Captain Falcon’s ultimate weapon (Super Smash Bros) and it helped me to win every time (mouahahaha). Tell us about your athletic background? I did rhythmic gymnastics and horseback riding when I was younger, a bit of snowboarding in the winter and later Muay Thai for about two years. Nothing that comes close to roller derby. What brought you to roller derby? Ha! It’s funny how I ended up here… My sister (Raude Rage) came over one time all excited and she asked me if I wanted to try the roller derby boot camp with her. I had just seen Whip It! but didn’t think that the sport really existed, so I was was completely ecstatic! The next day we were at Neon Skates. How do you feel about your “Best 2012 rookie” award? Overwhelmed! (Especially from the thousand hugs and compliments I received that night). I didn’t really know what to say then, and I still haven’t found the words. Merci-merci-merci! Why was it so easy for you to pick up this game? Huum… easy? I’ve never been so hooked on a sport. I’ve never been so hooked on a sport. I’m not sure if it’s the adrenaline, the great energy emanating from everyone, the great vibe at practice or the support amongst all the skaters, but it really drew me in and made me want to push my limits. I can’t say it’s been easy. I’ve worked like a dog! But it’s so much fun! What was the biggest challenge for your first season? Cardio + asthma = t-huff! Your home team, La Racaille, was mostly composed of new players last year. How come you did so well? I think we had great chemistry right from the start, a lot of respect and support amongst the players. That and our fantastic coach Bone Machine was really great at combining work and play. She always insisted that in the end, we’re all here to have fun. Everyone comes to practice with a smile, and gives it their all! The two other home teams, Contrabanditas and Filles du Roi were nearly even all season but you were able to beat FDR twice and never the Ditas, why? If I only knew… I guess all teams have their strengths and weaknesses and there you go. It is what it is. Kind of like rock, paper, scissors. What skaters (MTLRD or not) inspire you the most? Iron Wench really makes my jaw drop every time I see her jam! But absolutely every Skids jammer has her own style and is super inspiring to watch. What are your goals for the coming season? More endurance (my arch-enemy!) and to juke like a pro. Your name came up when discussing who would try out for the Skids but you chose to remain with the Sexpos, why? I dream of playing with the Skids but school takes up way too much of my time for such a commitment…. but the try-outs? Why not? Watch me at the next ones ;) What has been your favourite bout? I have excellent memories from the bout against Long Island last April, even though we lost! Do you have a pre-bout ritual? Hyperventilate? And listen to “The Point of No Return” by Immortal Technique, it really pumps me up. Last chance for thank you? Absolutely all the skaters who took me aside to help me improve during practice and encourage me to keep going! Especially Bone Machine for making me push my limits, Slavic Slayer for her motivational speeches as well as Sparkle ‘n Maim, Surgical Strike and Greta Bobo who took me under their wing right from the start.