Founded in 2006 by Georgia W. Tush, Montréal Roller Derby (MTLRD) is the very first flat track roller derby league in Canada and has now over 120 members. In January 2009, MTLRD joined the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), becoming the first non-American league in the association. Now ranked 1st in Canada, MTLRD consists of three local teams, one rookie team and two travel teams.   MTLRD is a non-profit organization, the result of the labour of its members who all have to contribute as volunteers. At the heart of the league are the players, the referees, the coaches, the announcers and the volunteers. The golden rule is simple – « for the players, by the players ». Proceeds from local games, be it from sales of tickets, merchandise or drinks, as well as proceeds from special events, are all put towards the organization of future games, rental of training space, and funding of away games.   MTLRD Teams Contrabanditas In the beginning, in 2006, there was Les Contrabanditas, the very first team of the league, founded by Georgia W. Tush. Les Contrabanditas, or the « Ditas » to its fans, have won more championships than any other Montreal teams, with five victories (2011, 2012, 2016, 2017 and 2018). Dressed in red and black, the team wants to continue to fight in 2019.     Les Filles du Roi Les Filles du Roi, also founded in 2006 not long after the Ditas, are dressed in purple and gold. They are named for the band of woman who came courageously in the middle of the 17th century to a brand new colony, la Nouvelle-France (now Québec).  Champions four times (2007, 2009, 2010 and 2015), the FDR returns in force.     La Racaille La Racaille was the third and last local team founded by the league, in March 2007. Wearing green and silver, they won the end-of-year trophy three times (2008, 2013 and 2014). Losing last year’s final has made them hungry for victory in 2019.     Smash Squad Our recruits play with the Smash Squat to perfect their skills. They have passed through our bootcamp, a necessary step for any new member, but have not yet been drafted by a local or a travel team. Smash Squad has been there for a number of years but became an official team in 2012 and play their game against opponents from other leagues.     The Sexpos Our B-travel team, the Sexpos, played their first game in 2008. They were named after the beloved Montreal baseball team, les Expos. Previously comprised of a mix of home teams players, the blue, white and red team of MTLRD is now a team of their own, proudly representing the league.     The New Skids on the Block The New Skids On The Block, our A-team, has acquired a following all over the world, ever since its creation in 2007. They proudly wear their neon colors to represent Montreal Roller Derby in WFTDA games. Ranked first in Canada, the team finished 2018 ranked 8th in the world after reaching a career-high 7th place. In September 2010, they became the first team outside of the United States to play in a WFTDA playoff. They reached their first WFTDA Champs in 2016 and hasn’t missed one since. A lot of players on the team wore the colours of Canada during the recent Roller Derby World Cup in 2018. Thanks to them, neon sparkles brightly as ever in Montréal.