Les Contrabanditas

That fateful night, deep in the Chihuahuan desert a band of mischiefs had a vision. In the haze of some good ol’ peyote, the spirit of the great Grizzly awakened in them, and summoned them to head north. And so, they strapped on their quads and skated…. And skated. Anyone who got in their way were knocked down, as these banditas had a mission.But when they reached the border, officials refused them entry and were detained for looking too good in their party vests. No one really knows for sure what happened next. Some say that a giant grizzly tore up the site and obliterated the customs holding cell. We will never really know for sure.All we know is that the Banditas are HERE. They’ve weathered some tough times and have become fierce survivors. Do not underestimate what lies beneath the party vest. El GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

                     (crédit photos: Charlotte Lacoursière)