Review: Fresh and Furious, July 14th 2012

July 16, 2012

(photo: Greg Russell)

While the New Skids and the Sexpos were in Boston teaching the Americans a lesson, Montreal’s devellopement team, the Smash Squad, drove over to the Queen City to take part in “2Fresh 2Furious”, a tournament for players with less than a year’s experience. Expectations were high for the young Montreal team. he previous Thursday, The Derby Nerd’s website cited one of the tournament’s organizers: “In Montreal, the elites train the newbies, so they will be very hard to beat”, said Splat Benatar. Montreal didn’t waist one minute to prove her right and won their first bout, against the Woodstock Warriors, with a flaming 127-10 score! They then got a bye to the third round of the tournament. If Montreal stood out with the agility of its jammers and its solid walls, the skaters also showed how much endurance can impact such a demanding day, four bouts in total! They definitely took advantage of the other teams’ fatigue. In the final bout, after trailing in the first fifteen minutes, Montreal’s derby girls dig a sixty point gap to win 121-61against Guelph’s Royal City Roller Girls. This terrific performance is the result of a full year of training for the Smash Squad. The young skaters showed the efforts they had put forward had been worth it. Don’t miss the Smash Squad in the opening bout of the league’s championship on August 4th, at 6pm, where they will host “Les Duchesses de Québec”. Source: Entre Elles You can also read the review of the tournament by The Derby Nerd:  Part 1Part 2

(photos: Greg Russell)